Straight Guys sucking huge hard cocks
Straight Guys sucking huge hard cocks
Gorgeous Straight Guys Gorgeous Straight Guys
We've got some really HOT men this week! First of all, the big blond guy Lucas is finally back and he's hornier than ever! Lucas hasn't has a day off from his family's butcher shop in 2 weeks. He says the summer and the holidays in December are their busiest times.

While he was out for a jog he figured that since he had the whole day off it would nice go get some head. So he gave us a call. We told him to come right over because we had an eager cocksucker who will be waiting with an open mouth.
This update could also be called Bathroom Fun with Jimmy! Our Friend Jimmy is quickly becoming addicted to BlowJobs. He has always loved them from girls but he is learning that having a guy suck his cock is not too awful and actually better than what most girls can give. We asked Jimmy what has always been his fantasy. He told us that he has always wanted his girlfriend to give him a bj in a men's room stall, however that can be dangerous in good and bad ways. When we suggested Ben blow him in the bathroom he got really excited by that idea!