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Meet Donal! He is an Irish/Puerto Rican stud who hails from The Bronx.
Donal is a mechanic up near Yankee Stadium. This is one hot straight stud who came over on the "down low" while his girlfriend was out with her friends.

Donal loves blowjobs and really doesn't care who gives them to him. just as long as it is 'slow, wet and sloppy" Timmy has his PhD in slow, wet sloppy blow jobs and he was proud to show off his skills to Donal!

Donal has a beautiful uncut cock that drove Timmy nuts. He slurped and sucked that straight cock like it has never been sucked before. He also spent some quality time licking Donal's balls and asshole as well. All that attention drove this stud crazy.

When Donal wanted to cum, he wanted to stand over Timmy, in sort of a dominate way, hmmmm.
Timmy was only too happy to kneel down in front of Donal and take it like a man!
For his reward Timmy got his face sprayed with straight-guy seed. Donal mentioned that he would sleep well that night.


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