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Dillon Buck Gets Ready to Stroke His Big Cock
Cristian Torrent is playing a construction site foreman who has to deal with a rather unpleasant situation. It seems that one of his men, hairy construction worker Ulysse, has been running his mouth on the site. He's been putting down the boss and telling the other men how he's going to fuck him up the ass one day and show him who's the boss. Cristian hauls Ulysse into the office and confronts him. At first Ulysse denies the claims, and then, Cristian gives him two choices: get sacked or get down on his knees and start earning back the boss's trust. Ulysse refuses to do it, but Cristian grabs him by the back of the neck and pushes him to his knees. Within a couple of minutes of rubbing his face in the boss's crotch, Ulysse is begging the boss to release his stiffening dick from his trousers.

In the Brig - Ross Hurston & Carioca

When I have a couple of hot, masculine men willing to get it on for my camera, I like to play a little and have some fun. Sure, I could just turn on the camera, yell "Action!" and the men could start to fuck, but I find the right fantasy scene can really make things sizzle. So for this Butch Dixon video, I've set up hairy hunk Ross Hurston as a soldier who is in the brig again. When this tall, dark, and handsome sergeant shows up to have a little talk about this situation, Ross shows the Sarge how sorry he is. He fishes the sergeant's 8-inch meaty cock out of his army fatiques, and he sucks that bone enthusiastically! He's hoping that if he does a good job, the Sarge will spring him from the brig. But Ross is going to have to work for that early release. He slobbers all over the sergeant's big dick, then offers up is ass, and finally, takes Carioca's load of thick cum all over his handsome face... MORE INSIDE


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