Bobby prepares to take Officer X's Monster Cock!
Lifeguard Chase Gets Head from Bobby!
Hot Manly Lifeguard Chase Getting His Dick Sucked Hot Manly Lifeguard Chase Getting His Dick Sucked

Times are tough these days. Our good friend Nick took a small loan from us, when it came time to pay it back we told him we didn't want the cash, we had something else in mind. His payback was going to be sucking some straight guy dick! He was really unsure of doing that, but we had him right where we wanted him, on his knees.

We felt that Officer "M" would be just the guy to break Nick in. He is a cop that LOVES his dick sucked and isn't shy about telling the cocksucker just how to do it. Officer "M" was only too excited about the prospect of breaking in a virgin mouth.

We get the feeling that this is not the first time he has forced a guy to suck his cock. When we asked him if he ever forced a guy to be his cocksucker the "blue wall of silence" went right up. That silence spoke volumes to us and to Nick.

While Officer "M" was aggressive and forceful with Nick, he did it in a gentle way, sort of. He was like a coach, Nick had to suck his dick, there was no way out, but the cop held Nick's chin and gently forced his massive cock into Nicks mouth. As the movie plays out you will see Officer "M" guide Nick's unwilling mouth down on this meat by pushing on the back of his head, you will see Nick getting his face fucked by a horny-no-nonsense cop! You will also see the massive load that was brewing in this cop's hairy balls spew all over!




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