Jeremy prepares to whip out his hard manhood
Tony is in Heaven while Christian sucks him off
Jeremy gets his hard cock sucked by our resident cocksucker Marco Italian Stud Tony gets his first blowjob from a man

Meet Tony! He is a 2nd generation Italian-American from the Bronx. Never been more than 100 miles from home. Tony works at his family owned Pizzeria on Arthur Ave in the Bronx's Little Italy which every native New Yorker knows is the only real Little Italy.

Tony is your classic New Yorker, when you think of a tough, macho straight New Yorker, you are thinking of Tony. He's got those classic Italian good looks: Roman nose, hairy chest and ass, great body, a big fat cock with a full bush! He's also got the attributes that make him a classic New Yorker, thick Bronx accent and an attitude to match!

When it come to women according to Tony their are 2 types; the kind he will bring home for Sunday dinner to enjoy his mother's "macaroni and gravy" (pasta & sauce) and then there are the other types, the ones he fucks in the back seat of his car.

When it come to guys there are also 2 types; guys who are his buddies and hangs out with and then there are the other types, guys who suck his cock. First time that happened was from a very brave pizza customer, Tony's response was "come back at closing time and be prepared to swallow"

When Tony arrived he told us that he had a two day load in his balls and was ready to shoot at any moment. Christian was ready to get that load. During the cocksucking session Tony makes Christian get off his dick and lick his hairy asshole to delay the explosion that was inevitable. When Christian started sucking again, Tony was right it was an EXPLOSION!




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