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For this occasion we've gathered four extremely masculine and hung straight studs: Chris, Jeremy, Vin and Billy.

All of them are real straight guys, who are eager to either show off their magnificent bodies or experience a blowjob done by a guy. Yep, they concur that guys suck cock better in every way!
Chris hails from an NYC suburb and is a grad student. Chris is just one of those guys who is "just too straight". The only way we could get him to get naked and jack off for us was to get our gal pal, Candi. Now Chris was smitten with Candi actually he was in lust! He doesn't take his eyes off of her and did everything she asked of him. Chris shows off his furry body to her and to us. He has a beautiful cock and when Candi takes off her top and he see her titts that cock springs to life. We keep Candi off camera but not out of Chris' view <grin> Chris jacks his cock while he has lust in his eyes for those big titts.

Then we have the shot which picks up with Jeremy now wanting his cock sucked. Billy who was surprised because we didn't mention to him that he would have to suck dick too. We decided to let things play out naturally. During Jeremy's blowjob, we had a surprise visitor who joined in on the action. He Serviced the back while Billy serviced the front and Jeremy was in sheer bliss, complete with his "famous" facial expressions.

Now, Timmy has never met Vim before and boy was he excited when Vin walked through the door. Timmy dropped to his knees before Vin had closed the door behind himself!

While Vin is a sweetheart of a guy, when it comes to getting a blowjob, he is merciless and demanding of his cocksucker, male or female. Vin knows exactly how he likes his blowjob and Timmy learned quickly. Vin is very comfortable with us so he just took the lead and positioned Timmy they way he liked it.



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