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While you are walking down a street, a hot, straight macho guy passes by you. His clothes fit his body perfectly and he's got an aura of pure manliness all around him. You instantly get that urge to drop on your knees and take his hard cock into your mouth... yes, we know the feeling, that's exaclty what we are going to show you here!

Here we have 4 macho straight men from NYC. The one who is standing while Ben is blowing his cock is our newest straight stud Eddie. He is a landscape guy who services the "outer boroughs" and New Jersey. Now its his turn to come into Manhattan to get serviced himself. Eddie is a tough guy who wants "full service", likes his cock sucked, balls licked and ass eaten. His girlfriend sucks sometimes but doesn't have the stamina for a decent bj. Juan couldn't wait to get between Eddie's hairy muscular legs and get to work. Eddie just kicked back and allowed the cocksucker to do what he is meant to do.

Then we have Donal - the guy who's lying on the bed while Ben is servicing his cock. It's been over a year since we saw him. He is still a mechanic up near Yankee Stadium, in the Bronx. He has had a few girlfriends since we last saw him, but now he is in between "bitches" as he calls them. The last time Donal got a bj from a guy was with us, so he was long overdue for a decent sucking! There are also Ricky and Angel - Ricky is an Italian tough guy (in the shirt on the left) with an attitude, and with a huge stiff cock! He is so straight we couldn't talk him into getting a blowjob from a guy but he agreed to jerk his tool with Angel!


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