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When we first met Shane, he told us that he is mostly a top. By "mostly" he meant that he has bottomed a few times on his own. "It's been about a year," he said. "It's been a while." "Do you enjoy bottoming?"

"Yeah," he said. "With the right guy." Well, it seems like Mitch is the right guy. Check out the way Shane squirms while Mitch fucks him! I also love how Shane gets that "lost in another world" look that bottoms get when they're really into it!

"I'm bottoming today," Dave said. "It's my first time."

I was more than excited. I noticed the last time Dave was out that he really enjoyed it when Trey ate out his ass. So I had hope that our super-hunky baseball player would eventually have a dick inside his sweet bubble butt!

Now, both Dave and Jake say they are straight, although Jake has used the word "curious" here and there to describe himself.

As they were sitting on the couch in each others' arms our camera guy couldn't resist saying, "No one's going to believe you're straight after this!"


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