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Things are going to get very hot here indeed. We've rounded up some of the hottest British hunks! They're all BIG, in not just one sense of the word... just take Aaron for instance - the muscular guy in the jeans and yellow shirt above. His body is so huge I'd die to just have him lie over me, not to mention his extra long and hard cock that inspires extreme awe! Then, there's Brian, dubbed BrianHung, and for a reason. One look at this massive stud will raise your pulse and give you a raging hard on! There's also Big Rich, a young tall Brit with a massive tool that spews loads of hot manjizz, cum spurting on his chest in abundance.
Vince is an ex army lad now works across the road from the studio. He's straight (damn!) but a really sweet friendly guy, happy to get 'em off for us to watch - just watch. Thats his own suit, immmaculate, there's nothing like a sharp dressed man... MORE INSIDE


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