The voice was hushed and very sexy and belonged to 25 year old named “Dizzy.” He flatly proclaimed it was the day for some self-discovery of his wild side. Just from his tone, we knew we had a hottie on our hands and it seemed he couldn't wait to explore his porn star destiny - or at least, the chance to show off for a camera,  that had been bottled upside and couldn't stay that way one more day. In person, he was all that he sounded to be and then some.

A tight, fit body, wash board abs, a mop of tousled hair, a boyish twinkle and a bulge in his pants he couldn't keep his hand off even as he waited for us to open the door.

He came in contraction clothes but carrying a duffle bag too. We later found out he told the Mrs. he was going to work on a new job site for the day and while we had not bricks for him to lay, he proved to be able to build a flag pole like a master craftsmen!. The idea of being an exhibitionist on the down low seemed to make him ever hotter and all we could say was “bring it on!”

Dizzy has the body and looks of a fashion model and he really knows how to work his stuff. His beautiful smooth skin and spiked hair really looked great. The way he knew how to show off his ass in those white boxers had us breathing so heavy you might be able to hear it in the video.  Once the boxers were off he showed his hot ass then proceeded to fuck the mattress.  We made sure we got plenty of close ups of his virgin breeder hot ass.

Then came the time for him to turn over and expose his beautiful hard dick.  His balls full of cum as he tempted our camera to go down on it.  He puts the head of his cock right up to the lens.  Oh how we wish we could film 3D for you.  As he strutted along the room and straddling the camera, we knew he was getting close.  Dizzy walked over to the corner sat down and began to play with his ass which soon sent loads of white stuff spiraling into the air... 


Sporting a dark Mohawk with a few blonde streaks, a shiny eyebrow ring, a dirty smile, sneakers, black shorts and a snowy-white wifebeater that clings to a lean frame that you can tell is totally fat-free, even through the fabric, you have taz2, a 23 year old skater kid that looks like just the kind of trouble you want to get into. Despite his thin frame, his arms are well muscled and covered in sexy ink. He gives us a tour of his tats, the sexiness just dripping off his tongue as he talks, one hand reaching into his pants and playing with his favorite toy that he knows we want to see, but enjoying the tease of making us wait.

The big buckle opens and we follow down those dark dots of his nipples and past that hairless stomach to a pair of tight black shorts. He goes deep fly fishing, occasionally offering a glimpse of that pink meat inside until he finally makes history of those briefs, stroking his meat under a sexy dark bush until all seven inches stand up over a visibly bloated ball sack. 

Fisting that meat with one hand, we see the cuts of his six pack dance, so well-defined, like a live motion anatomy chart. He stops midstroke, looks down at his cock, then back at the camera and tells us “I want a tat on my dick of a hundred dollar bill cause I like to play with my money!” Only someone as sexy as Taz could take a cheesy line like that and make it seem to true; this is one guy who owns his sexuality and clearly delights in putting it on display.

With a great view of that sexy ass as he humps the couch before sprawling out on the chair and fisting that now throbbing meat, he offers a living flesh version of every boarder who skated by that you ever wanted to see naked and hard. Standing up, his cock looks thick and heavy between those narrow hips as he jumps on the couch, bends over and strokes that meat while offering another look at that sexy ass, totally free of any tan line. Swinging that meat back and forth and then grabbing it tight, he looks like the ultimate go-go boy, but this time he's doing a very private show. Laying down on the touch, the curl in his toes and the tightening of his sack let us know he can hold back no longer. With a steady stream of dirty talk from his lips, a steady stream of cum oozes out of his cock at the same time...

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